Between shifts

Dead Last Delivery can be played in many different ways. If there's anything you were unhappy with, you can get it off your chest now. If there's anything you're excited to try and change, you should let everyone know!

You can continue your characters' stories right away, but what if you were to take a moment and discuss how to do things differently next time?

Grace tokens

The rules say everyone's allowed to spend Grace tokens out of the communal pool.

When you played, was there negotiation? Does anyone feel like they should have been more free to spend them, or that others should have felt less free? Were there enough to go around? Was it fair?

When I played this game with some friends who helped me develop it to where it is now, everyone had very different opinions. Jon loved spending out of a shared pool, while David felt more comfortable spending tokens he knew were his own.

For your second time playing, try one of these or invent your own...

Personal property

Everyone keeps three Grace tokens rather than pooling them together. You can spend or donate your own tokens freely.

Voluntary pooling

Each player chooses: keep their own three Grace tokens (as Personal property above) or add them to a shared pool. If you keep your tokens, you don't have access to the pool. Players can still donate tokens in either direction.

True democracy

Before spending a Grace token you have to call a vote to get permission.

If there's a tie, you can't spend the Grace token.


Choose a sucker who has to do the bookkeeping.

Before spending a Grace token you have to ask the bookkeeper for permission.

Before spending a Grace token themselves, the bookkeeper must get permission from everybody else.

Choosing a sucker

Someone gets elected to handle each delivery. Which method did you use? Did you play finger roulette, or did you actually draw straws? When I played this game with my family, we ended up drawing sugar packets out of my dad's fist.

For your second time playing, try one of these or invent your own...

Drawing straws

Get some identical objects: one per player. Mark one of them so it looks the same when held in your hand, but different once removed. That one is the "short straw."

Everyone takes one. Whoever gets the short straw is the sucker.


Count down from 13. Anyone can start by saying either "Thirteen" or "Thirteen, twelve". Go in a circle, saying one or two numbers when it's your turn.

Whoever says "Zero" is the sucker.


Take turns rolling a six-sided die until someone rolls a one. Then everyone says "BANG!" and they're the sucker!

Leaving a Legacy

In Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, among other games in the subgenre they spawned, you draw & place stickers on the game pieces. The game is forever changed.

Dead Last Delivery is like those games, except at the end instead of an entire board and scattered cards, everything you've done is memorialized in one place.

Your Character card remembers everything.

Remember that every accessory and every scar is permanent. Fight hard for your character's honour. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll gaze upon their adventure-scarred face and recall the good times you had here.

Tweeting a Legacy

When your character is retired, tweet your picture to @droqen & @OKAYKELLYK! Show us the gear you retired in, share stories of how you got those scars. We'd love to hear all about it :)


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Special Thanks

David Rusak, Jon Remedios, Zander Milroy, Greg(?), The Others @ David's, Ian Jones, Bret Hudson, (redacted), Emily Martin, Peter Martin, Rachel Tong