Hello there, internet wanderer.
I am Droqen; I create games and do all that entails.

A Sword Game: A rather incomplete game I made for Ludum Dare.

It's a sword game! Fight and win with your sword. Lose your sword. It's all here, in: a sword game.

Notes: A game made for TOJam 2013. The theme was "uncooperative".

Read the instructions! It's a weird little puzzle game, I guess? If you follow the instructions you'll get through the game just fine.

'TRASH': Bag all the trash! The difficulty curve is really not very slick, haha. Made in a day.

Game 1/4 in my (failed) attempt to make nine games of distinct genres in ten days over the holidays! (Arrow keys)

'SQUARENUMB': A weird puzzle game! Get a high score! Made in a day.

Game 2/4 in my (failed) attempt to make nine games of distinct genres in ten days over the holidays! (Arrow keys & spacebar)

'NOWHERE': Explore in space. You might not find anything of interest. Probably my least favourite of the bunch. Made in a day.

Game 3/4 in my (failed) attempt to make nine games of distinct genres in ten days over the holidays! (Arrow keys & spacebar)

'PINK SHIP WINS': Two-player 'racing' game -- it's a clone of a game I made a long time ago as a kid in Game Maker; it still holds up! Made in a day.

Game 4/4 in my (failed) attempt to make nine games of distinct genres in ten days over the holidays! (Controls in-game. Use the spacebar to start a new round after someone wins!)

Shotguns in the Dark: A game about dueling with shotguns in the dark.

Created in 2~4 hours during Feb Fatale.

Red & Black: A minimal and abstract card game about bluffing and perfect guesses, for two players. Uses a standard deck of playing cards, or alternatively just about any deck of cards you can lay your hands on.

Created over just a few hours of really productive playtesting, during the Toronto Global Game Jam!

Asphyx: Hold your breath.

Created long ago in secret, underground, never to be seen. I would like to make more things like this.

Starseed Pilgrim: Explore an empty universe and discover that it's not so empty after all. Plant seeds, grow the world.

All audio by Ryan Roth and absolutely incredible.

Pirattitude: A chaotic four-player party game full of awesome fun for players of any skill level! Customize options and create your own custom game modes.

Created with Jason P. Kaplan during TOJam!

Probability 0: An everlasting descent into the abyss, where you will die. A combat-focused arcade platformer in which you must navitage treacherous terrain and improve yourself in order to survive for as long as possible.

My first commercial game! Let's hope for success! Yes!

FISHBANE: The very best harpoon puzzle platformer, and the second full game I ever made. A challenging game with plenty of levels. It's hard.

Buy the bonus edition along as part of Probability 0 + friends! (See left)

N?na Ha?e F?aith: A dimensional ad?nture to return h?me. ?reated for the Game Prototype Challenge, it w?s the dual theme ? 'LONELINESS' + 'DI?ENSIONS' that gave birth to th?s ga?.

I think this game was, briefly, frontpaged on Edge Magazine next to the new Deus Ex. I was pretty excited.

Analog Defender: Brought together by the TIFF Nexus Peripherals Initiative, Patrick Dinnen and I made Analog Defender, which I'd be happy as describing as learning how to control an alien spaceship. He built the insanely satisfying physical console and we made the rest of the game together.

Due to its nature, you can't play this game! All you can do is read & watch videos about it ):

100TH: A free-roaming balloon journey. In this game you're given a balloon and few instructions, and must learn how to traverse the landscape with the help of your trusty, floaty balloon. You can't be hurt... but balloons are fragile things.

The idea for this game was initially inspired by the song 99 Luftballons. You have the 100th. The english title, 99 Red Balloons, is why it's red. Also, red's a nice colour.

Break|Entry: Type commands into the system to control it and your place within it. The world is a secure circle; to complete the game you must dive down into its very heart. Ask for HELP.

This game was created for TOJam 2012. I've wanted to make a really solid systemic hacking game for so long: this is it, at last! I plan to expand upon this in the future.

DIWOC: A short and not-too-difficult platformerish game about perception.

This game was created entirely within three hours as a result of one Michael Todd demanding over twitter that I jam with him across the internet.

Don't Lose Your Head: A quick little brutal dodging platformer - made in Game Maker unlike pretty much every other game on this list. Repeated death is punished severely.

I made this game for a job I had, but it was quickly spotted by someone at indiegames.com and then it was out. I made this game, horribly difficult and cruel though it may be, for kids to play and learn from.

Undermine: My very first Ludum Dare experience produced this game of which I'm quite proud. It's a short and simple boss fight.

I didn't even have the whole weekend! I had to attend a wedding.

Dry Voices: Who are you? I think this was my second Ludum Dare game. It's a game about DISCOVERY taken to its limit. There's always more to discover here.

I was incredibly pleased when someone posted a map he'd drawn of the entire world and all its alternate endings.

Block Faker: Created for Ludum Dare: it's a game about ESCAPE. Wait, no - it's just a puzzle game. Don't even think about escaping.

Don't even think about escaping.

Amici Exeunt: A two-player asymmetrical co-op platformer. Get a friend and play it!

I didn't do the art for the title/ending screens! That was my friend KittenEater McPunchface. On tumblr. Or so I hear. NOTE: THAT IS NOT A LINK. YOU CANNOT CLICK IT. TRY GOOGLE.

Hide in the smoke, or you'll Die: A pretty tough - and not exactly fair, honestly - little dodge 'em up where a crosshair is attempting to hunt you down. Obscuring smoke, as the name clevery implies, is your friend.

I made this game in 4 hours for the Poppenkast's Blitzkast.

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