Hello and welcome to droqen.com: my website. I — droqen — am a programmer, an artist, a musician, a writer, but none of these so much as I am a game maker. I make games.

If, perchance, you're here to find my games, I've moved them all to my itch.io page following an accidental deletion of the index.html file here on my website. Ah, wait, that makes it sound like I don't think it's my fault. Trust me, I think it's my fault. I deleted the file. Not on purpose.

I have a tumblr where I sometimes write about games, and where you can sometimes read about games. I have had two or three places previous to this tumblr where I would write about games: 'loseyourway.wordpress.com', and 'loseyourway.net', and possibly one other forgotten place (I'm just hedging my bets at this point). Now, though, it seems very reasonable to just make sure everything is under the meaningless* droqen brand and not worry about naming my words something strange and (to me) interesting.

Although it has not happened very much recently, I also make music. You can also find some of my much older music here. In case you're wondering, 'sqyband' alludes to droqen.com's predecessor, sqybrand.com; I do not recommend visiting that website unless you're a fan of observing Japanese squatters.

*droqen doesn't really mean anything. It's spelled similarly to 'drugs' in German, but that's entirely coincidental. I have a lot of attachment to the name and it's a useful 6-character identifier for others to use to find me (because it's arbitrary and weird enough that nobody else has bothered to try and use it), but droqen is just a name.

I have a twitter account and I never check facebook so I won't link it and also you can email me at: anything at all @ this website's domain.com

Final thoughts: I also design websites. This is not my best work. I'm working on making it better, I guess??