I joined the Nemesis Jam on a punkish whim, and because something about the Nemesis system had always appealed to me. Just a few weeks prior I had been having a conversation with Asymmetric Publications’ Zack Johnson about how it was odd that everyone had praised the Nemesis system’s amazing possibility space and yet nobody had really done anything more with it. Serendipitously, the patent stuff reared its head only days later.

We’d forgotten about the looming patent.

My understanding of the whole patent situation is that now that Warner Bros. has secured a patent on the Nemesis system (a phrase which never appears in the actual patent, but it’s an easy shorthand), they have a legal foothold which will allow them to (attempt to) sue developers/studios for infringing upon their patent.

From their perspective, it is a tool. From the outside, it is a minefield.

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AI, Playtesting, & Posting! (January postmortem)

👆 Pictured: the cover of issue#20 of my monthly zine (more). i’ll post some contents of one of the zines in a future monthly postmortem!

The first month of 2021 is just about over, and I’m doing a little retrospective/postmortem/whatever on what I got up to this month!

AI (and Personality)

I made and released this small project that got a bunch of nice comments (both on the itch page and on twitter). It was a very satisfying expression and exploration of using the videogame form to express personalities.

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What Would Joel Goodwin Do? Another Year, Another Blog :P

Every year or three I find myself pining for a better blog backend — they all seem plagued by one problem or another. But, I had the same problem a couple years ago, when I wasn’t entirely settled on Unity and I wasn’t happy with any of the other options. I did finally land on the Godot Engine, and I’ve been extremely happy with it. I’ve uploaded ten things (see the collection of everything I’ve released so far in Godot here on and been through many more, with no sign of wanting to switch it up.

Maybe I found the right tool, or maybe something inside me changed.

So my friend Tav offered to help me maintain a better blogging habit. I’ve been using this scrappy little backend, Anchor CMS, but I thought: if she’s going to be helping me keep up a schedule and we’re going to try to liven up the comments section, I’d better really think about how hard I want to commit to Anchor. My absolute favourite blog to keep up with is Electron Dance. Joel somehow maintains an excellent comment* section, the website looks nice, and he produces good & reliable output.

*I've closed the comments on this blog. Old comments have been preserved, but no new ones can be made. I either had a little exchange w/ Joel himself or just saw something he said somewhere, about maintaining a nice comment section. I love it; but I realized staying on top of it, responding to comments, just isn't something I can do. I appreciate good discourse but, alas, I don't have the energy to be responsible for cultivating it. --droqen, 2021 July 30

I swear I’ve looked at his website before and not found this, but there it was at the bottom of his blog, plain as day. In tiny font that blends into the background but still: I know how to navigate HTML. Could I really have missed that if I was looking for it?

Anyway, welcome to my new blog for 2021, a new year, a fresh start. Funny how I’ve circled back to using WordPress again. If you’re interested in my blog posts from the past, here’s a list of all my previous blogs (please let me know what I’ve missed):

  • (archives have been lost)
  • Psoqhe` (from 2009. i was 18. that is an eternity ago. please don’t read this.)