Bonus Look is a two-player game about reliance not on your companion's ability to act, but on your capability to communicate.

The player on the left is THE PILOT, whose equipment consists of the screen, and a keyboard whose keys have been nearly all removed: only the arrow keys remain. The Pilot can see and avoid immediate obstacles but has no power.

The player on the right is THE WIZARD, who cannot see the screen and has a keyboard that is not quite so butchered: this player has a printed map of the raw data that makes up the world, and a keyboard with everything but the arrow keys (and the escape key, and the alt key, and a few other keys that could create program-ending key combinations). The Wizard can see the obfuscated world from afar and has great power, but no context. He or she is blind.

Pilot and Wizard are halves of a whole and must rely on one another. It is only together that they will triumph.


Originally Commissioned by Team Vector for the 2013 Vector Game Art Festival.

Bonus Look sometimes lives in an arcade cabinet built by David Hayward and Andrew Thorpe, seen in the vine above. I have never seen it with my own eyes.

If you're from ALT.CTRL.GDC, this submission received the (late) blessing of David — so we'll probably be doing our best to bring this if we're accepted! The biggest changes are to the keyboards (missing keys are covered by wood panels) and to the map (laser-etched wood instead of flimsy laser-printed paper), but the rest looks amazing, too. I'm just going off the vine here, though.

Thanks :)