welcome to 2022: droqen is a goddamn game designer

Hi there. I’m Alex, and I’m also droqen, and this year I’m going to be two people instead of one. And when I’m droqen, and I’m posting on the droqen.com blog, it’s not going to be the brain-ruminations of my meatself who has friends and loves and feelings, it’s going to be the indestructible forceContinue reading “welcome to 2022: droqen is a goddamn game designer”

after 7 years, my new musagi: Surge VST and Instatetragrammaton’s NES patches

No Room Signal by Droqen I used to make music in musagi until one fateful day seven years ago when I switched operating systems. Suddenly, the tool of my dreams was out of my hands. Whoops. musagi (windows only): http://www.drpetter.se/project_musagi.html musagi tutorial: https://www.drpetter.se/tutorial_musagi1.html warning: it’s so good and simple and usable, you may find itContinue reading “after 7 years, my new musagi: Surge VST and Instatetragrammaton’s NES patches”

play and structure

This massive blog post describes countless story structures from around the world: “Worldwide Story Structures – 김윤미 Kim Yoon Mi Author” https://www.kimyoonmiauthor.com/post/641948278831874048/worldwide-story-structures It’s so long I’ve never read it all the way through; I get caught on something or other, inspired to play with one of these structures, and lose my place before I canContinue reading “play and structure”

I’m the author of Starseed Pilgrim, and I’m alive.

Spoiler warning for Starseed Pilgrim. Discusses a piece of ‘what it really means,’ as well as the ending (in somewhat vague terms). Also I swear a bit, because I got emotional while writing. Dead-authorism appeals to me because I hate looking back and seeing the trail of destruction and confusion I leave in my wakeContinue reading “I’m the author of Starseed Pilgrim, and I’m alive.”

The “Multipresence” behaviour pattern across (multiple) (real-time) spaces

GAIA 2021’s first session, “The New Spacemakers,” was a Zoom call close to a hundred viewers strong, a digital call about digital spaces that was started off with a prompt from Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan to take a breath, take a minute, and consider our physical bodies and the lands we inhabit. (I looked outContinue reading “The “Multipresence” behaviour pattern across (multiple) (real-time) spaces”