a picture of droqen wearing an anti-coronavirus mask

Alexander Martin is droqen (none/he/him).

Together, the two of them I have been making games for two decades. At a very young age, Alexander made levels in DOOM, but he & his father found the editor for Duke Nukem 3D to be too complicated.

Over the years, droqen has played paintball one time, taught children and adults how to design games, learned and forgotten how to make games using Visual Basic, Game Maker, FlashPunk, Unity, and more.

He made Starseed Pilgrim which was accidentally nominated for two IGF awards in 2013, and the spectre of success has never stopped haunting him.

Today, he unceasingly theorizes about, appreciates, and constructs videogames from his home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada using Godot Engine, Tiled, PyxelEdit, bfxr, and (maybe) Bitwig Studio.


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