play and structure

This massive blog post describes countless story structures from around the world:

“Worldwide Story Structures – 김윤미 Kim Yoon Mi Author”

It’s so long I’ve never read it all the way through; I get caught on something or other, inspired to play with one of these structures, and lose my place before I can finish. (Most recently it was Jo-Ha-Kyu and the Wikipedia article for the same.)

Working on games, sometimes I forget it’s important to play, too. I obsess over how to design play, forget to lose myself in it. Lately, it seems that I find it easier to play with stories than with code. I suppose this is going to be a very simple blog post:

I’m just putting this here because I want to remind myself to play more, to rely on structures like these that inspire me to play around with ideas, and to be further inspired to design my own structures-that-inspire-me-to-play.