Hello, Playful Creature

You’ve arrived at the website of DROQEN, an overactive independent game designer & artist who has created and released 50,000* games.

*I made this number up. -droqen

Want to playtest some of my games?

If you’re interested in potentially playing my games before they’re released & in helping me out with your feedback from your play-sessions, join this Discord server I set up for keeping track of people who might be interested in this kinda thing.

Read my blog

Yes, I write! Lately my writing has been a bit blah, but maybe you can find something cool. Honestly I think you’ll find better writing in the archives, under the Older Blogs heading.

Support me on Patreon (<3)

I assemble and print a little zine every month to thank patrons for their support, so if you’re into the idea of getting a little paper zine in the mail full of mysterious droqen lore and stuff, check it out.

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Last but not least, one time a guy on the internet and a guy in real life both said “hey you should keep a mailing list because services die but emails are forever” so I started this mailing list.

I will occasionally tell you about things I’ve done, and you won’t miss them, because they’re in your inbox, and as those two guys once said,

emails are forever.*

*I made this quote up. -droqen


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