i was here

so i downloaded and installed this cms called "anchor", and then i completely forgot i'd done that, and i downloaded and installed some forum software called "SMF". part of the install process had me going straight into my MySQL database and mucking about and, wow, i happened upon a database called "anchor"! so the SMF install totally didn't work and i went to droqen.com/anchor and discovered this whole functional thing.

so here i am.

the past three months i've been putting my thoughts into zines, scribbling madly near the end of the month so i could mass-produce foldy paper booklets of my thoughts and sketches. they're silly but the physical artifact is really great to just have & hold at the end of the day. i like to look at them and remember who i was, and maybe who i am.

i'd been thinking about doing it for a while, but i especially didn't know what to call it. i wanted it to evoke a sense of place. in practice, it reminds me of who i am, who i was, what i thought. so it's called droqen was here. i like that it does both these things: it says i was here as in, at this particular place, but it also - to me - implies that i was here as in, this is where my runaway train of thought was for a brief moment.

droqen was here.

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