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You're playing "Notes" by Droqen (droqen.com) created during TOJam 2013 (tojam.ca)

note: you can scroll this screen without displacing the game.

The game to my left is Notes. If you do not follow my instructions, you will find it very difficult to continue. For example, you will not be able to start without CTRL+P, the secret starting code.

ROOM 1 - Avoid black and destroy as little pink as possible. The arrow keys or WSAD will control you. That field of horizontal pink lines is known as a "Checkpoint".

ROOM 2 - When you touch the "Checkpoint" in the next room, you will be trapped. Press "111" on your keyboard now. This will create a high jump tune above your head. Use it to advance to the next room (above you).

ROOM 3 - The third room is like a tower, with single spikes scattered vertically. The spikes are trying to prevent you from leaving! Touch the "Checkpoint" on the left side of this room. Press "579" on your keyboard now. This tune will protect you from spikes as long as you are trying to exit the room. Use it to advance to the next room (to the left).

note: if you get stuck, press K or R to reset yourself.

ROOM 4 - You're making good progress! There is a wide field of spikes to the left. You can deal with it in two ways. Touch the "Checkpoint" in this room. Press either "111" or "777" on your keyboard now. These are the jump and speed tunes, respectively. Use them to cross the gap. Continue left.

ROOM 5 - Cross the gap. Do not fall into the pit.

ROOM 6 - There are spikes here. Touch the "Checkpoint". Press "777" on your keyboard now. Use the speed tune to get over these spikes, off the bottom of the screen, and into the next room (below you)!

ROOM 7 - This is the last room! You made it! Congratulations on your achievement. Exit this level to the left.

THE END - We hope you enjoyed this game. Keep in mind, it was made during a game jam which is why it's so short and does not have a satisfying ending. Please enjoy the rest of your life and look forward to more productions from DROQENSGAMES, INC.

note: the maximum score is 8.